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API Management

Old documentation for Hub v1

Kubernetes only!

The following sections describe how to manage and publish APIs with Traefik Hub.


API management is the process of overseeing, controlling, and optimizing the use of APIs in a company's software infrastructure. It involves creating, publishing, documenting, and monitoring APIs.

Traefik Hub provides a centralized platform for managing, routing, monitoring, and securing APIs.



Maintainer's Guidelines

API Collections

In Traefik Hub, an API collection is a logical grouping of APIs. Collections can be accessed from a common path prefix, listing all APIs of a collection. An API can be part of multiple collections.

API Access Control

The API Access resource defines who can access which API and API Collection.

API Portal

The API Portal is the landing page of one or more published APIs and API Collections. In the Portal, the user can view the OpenAPI specification and can effortlessly interact and try out every single API operation.

API Gateway

In Traefik Hub, an API Gateway is the main entry point to all your APIs. This is where you define the public domains for your APIs and which APIs and API collections you want to expose via an API Access resource.

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