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This page explains how to configure and use workspaces in Traefik Hub.


Workspaces enable users to segment traffic and to share cluster.

Workspace settings

Here, you can adjust the name of your workspace and manage workspace member and track your quotas.


Change the default name to something else and select Save.

Workspace name

Adjust the workspace name

Add user

You can only invite user which have already a Hub account.

Here you can add other user to your workspace.
To add a new member, select Add member.

Workspace member

Workspace member

In the next step, choose the role you want to assign add the e-mail address of the user you want to add and select Proceed invites.

Add a workspace member

Add a workspace member

The following example, will invite the user Jane Dough with the Editor role to a workspace.

Example of inviting a member

Example of inviting a member

After the user accepted the invitation, the user will show up as a workspace member.

Remove user

If you want to remove a workspace member, select the three dots next to the username and elect Remove from the workspace.

Remove workspace member

Remove workspace member


Check and track your quotas to get an overview of your license.

Workspace showing the used quotas

Quota under workspace settings

Switch workspace

If you are member of another workspace, you can effortless switch workspaces by selecting Switch Workspace.

Switch Workspace

Switch the workspace

Now select a workspace from the list, and you will change into the other workspace environment.

Leave workspace

If you want to leave a workspace, select the three dots next to your username and elect Leave workspace

Leave workspace

Leave workspace

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