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How to set custom headers through the UI

How to apply custom request and response headers through the UI.

Before you begin

Before getting started, make sure to read our header overview docs to learn about API headers.

Set custom headers

First, select Headers to open the configuration form for adding custom headers.

Select the version information button

Select Headers

In the second step, add your custom request and response headers.

Add custom headers

Add custom headers

Once you're done, select Publish/Save to apply the new headers to your API.

Select the Publish button


Depending on whether you configure API headers as part of publishing a new API or adjusting the settings of an already published one, the form will display a Publish (new API) or Save (existing API) button.

What's next

  • Learn how to adjust CORS policies through the UI
  • Learn how to use the UI "Link t docs about how to use the UI for API versioning") for versioning APIs