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API Management

Publishing, securing, and managing your APIs.

API Gateway

The API Gateway is the main entry point to all your APIs. This is where you define the public domains for your APIs and which APIs and API collections you want to expose.

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API Portal

An API Portal is a generated, website with the documentation of your APIs. In the Portal, the consumer can view the OpenAPI specification and can effortlessly interact and try out every single API operation.

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User Management

API user management refers to the process of managing access to an API (Application Programming Interface) by users. It involves creating, controlling, and revoking access to the API for different users.

API user management typically involves the following tasks:

  • Authorization: Granting or denying access to the API based on the user's role, permissions, and privileges.
  • User provisioning: Creating and managing user accounts and assigning roles and permissions to them.
  • User deprovisioning: Removing access to the API when a user leaves the organization or no longer needs access.

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