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How to version APIs through the UI

This page explains API versioning through the UI.


Traefik Hub empowers comprehensive API version life-cycle management, offering the capability to define distinct configurations for various API versions.

Configure API versioning

Configuring API versioning is part of the API configuration, you can do it as part of publishing an API or you can adjust the settings of an already published API.

First, select Version information to open the configuration interface for API versioning.

Select the version information button

Select Version information

In the second step, configure API versioning.

Configure API versioning

Configure API versioning

Once you're done, select Publish/Save to apply the new versioning schema to your API.

Select the Publish button


Depending on whether you configure API versioning as part of publishing a new API or adjusting the settings of an already published one, the form will display a Publish (new API) or Save (existing API) button.

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