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Enable OpenTelemetry

This page explains how to enable OpenTelemetry in the Traefik Hub agent.


To enable OpenTelemetry, you have to adjust the default configuration of your Traefik Hub agent by adding the following values.


Value Description
hub.metrics.opentelemetry.insecure Setting it to true allows Prometheus to connect to the OpenTelemetry endpoint hub.metrics.opentelemetry.address.
hub.metrics.opentelemetry.address The address of your Prometheus instance.
This can be an internal (prometheus.monitoring:9090) or external ( URL.
hub.metrics.opentelemetry.path The OpenTelemetry endpoint used by the Traefik Hub agent.
The default endpoint is /api/v1/otlp/v1/metrics.

Adjust the configuration

If you don't have it already, save the default Traefik Hub configuration.

helm show values traefik/traefik-hub > values.yaml

Second, adjust the values.yaml file by adding the configuration for OpenTelemetry to the additionalArguments part of the file.

  - --hub.metrics.opentelemetry.insecure=true
  - --hub.metrics.opentelemetry.address=prometheus.monitoring:9090
  - --hub.metrics.opentelemetry.path=/api/v1/otlp/v1/metrics


In the shown example above hub.metrics.opentelemetry.address points to an internal running Prometheus cluster (prometheus.monitoring:9090).

Please check the configuration options for more.

Deploy your custom settings

Once the configuration is adjusted, use Helm to (re)deploy the Traefik Hub agent with the new values to enable OpenTelemetry.

helm upgrade --install --namespace traefik-hub traefik-hub traefik/traefik-hub \
--values values.yaml

Congratulations, OpenTelemtry is now enabled.

Helm one-liner

If you prefer, you can also deploy the needed additionalArguments to enable OpenTelemetry as a "one-liner" command with Helm.

You can do that by adding the additionalArguments values through --set.

helm upgrade --install --namespace traefik-hub traefik-hub traefik/traefik-hub \
--set additionalArguments='{--hub.metrics.opentelemetry.insecure,--hub.metrics.opentelemetry.address=prometheus.monitoring:9090,--hub.metrics.opentelemetry.path=/api/v1/otlp/v1/metrics'

Please check the official Helm documentation to learn more about --set and the use of arrays and list.

What's next

  • Learn how to utilize Prometheus for Traefik Hub metrics collected by OpenTelemetry