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This document provides an overview about API Portal customizations.


Custom API Portal

Custom API Portal

Customize the look and feel of API Portal with your own logos, colors, etc.

You may want to customize API Portal to provide a branded developer portal experience.

Basic adjustments

You can adjust the title, the logo and the description of an API Portal, through the UI.

Production deployments

We highly recommend to adjust the logo and description of an API Portal in the Portal CRD or to follow the customization tutorial for production deployments!

Changes which are done through the UI will be overwritten, the next time you redeploy a Portal CRD.

First, select Portals in the dashboard overview.

SDashboard overview

Select Portals in the dashboard

In the step, choose the Portal you want to customize and select Edit in the top right corner.

Select Edit

Select Edit

Now choose Customization

Select Customization

Select Customization

Here you can adjust the title, the description and the logo.

Adjust title, logo and description

Adjust title, logo and description

Once you're finished, select Save.

Starter template

Use the starter template to get started.

This repository contains templates for customizing the UI of your API Portal.

It includes a set of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files that you can customize to match your branding and requirements.