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Custom Domains

Traefik Hub provides a generated domain when publishing a service. However, they are not very easy to remember as they contain random characters in some places.

To avoid this, you can use your own domain.


This feature requires you to have:

  • Your own domain with DNS records that you can update
  • An already published service with Traefik Hub

Publishing through Custom Domain

The Custom Domain feature is based on DNS records configuration. Using the canonical names, you can forward your domain to the domain we generated for your service.

Custom domain only works for already published services

Start by finding the service you want to publish with your custom domain and get the generated domain.

select service

publish service

In your DNS provider, update your records to add a CNAME record pointing your custom domain to the Traefik Hub generated URL. The generated domain name remains valid unless you unpublish your service.

ALIAS records are not supported

Field Description
Domain The domain you want to use to access your service.
TTL Time-to-live for DNS caching mechanisms, in seconds.
Example: 10800
Type Type of record you are creating for your domain. CNAME only.
Example: CNAME
Alias The generated domain for the service.

Once the DNS record is set up for your domain in your DNS provider, go back to the service page and add your domain to the Custom address section. Then, click Save.

publish service

Once every step is completed, it may take a few seconds for the system to apply the configuration.

Not Trusted Certificates

Generating a Let's Encrypt certificate for the new domains requires more time than exposing the service. It might end in a window where the service is available with the wrong certificate. So, during this time, Traefik Hub serves a self-signed certificate.

Custom domains cannot be configured on Kubernetes Edge Ingress CRD