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Release notes

What's new in Traefik Hub.

Hub 2.0.0

16 May 2023

What's new

  • We've changed the architecture, Hub now supports only K8s, the Agent uses a side-car, and it is compatible with any Ingress Controller
  • We've added a new ACP (Access Control Policy) for API Keys
  • We've added a new OAuth Introspection ACP
  • Starting today, you're able to use CRDs for APIs, APICollection, APIAccess, APIGateway, APIPortal objects
  • API consumption is now protected by tokens
  • We've added API Management, now you can use Hub as a platform for managing, routing, monitoring, and securing APIs
  • You can use Traefik Hub as IDP (Identity Provider)
  • You can now fully customize your API Portal UIs
  • We've replaced freemium tiers with a new trial mechanism
  • User deletion is now fully GDPR-compliant, no user data is retained
  • Traefik Hub supports now team collaboration with Workspaces
  • Traefik Hub is now compatible with Traefik's IngressRoute
  • We've added support for wildcard domains
  • We've added the functionality to expose Prometheus compatible metrics from the Hub Agent
  • Hub errors are now leveraging K8s events
  • We restructured and updated the documentation
  • We adjusted the Service page in the UI, port numbers are now visible when they exceed more than 3 characters

Bug fixes

  • We fixed an issue that prevented some ACPs to be deleted
  • We improved the process of certificate renewals
  • We solved an issue with custom domain validation