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API collections (UI)

This tutorial explains how to create and manage API collections via the UI (User Interface).


In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create and manage API collections via the UI.

Production deployments

We highly recommend to manage collections through CRDs.

Changes which are done through the UI will be overwritten, the next time you redeploy a CRD.

Create a Collection

Login into Traefik Hub and select Collections on the left. To create a new collection, select now the button Create collection in the top right corner of the UI.

Create an API collection

Create an API collection
Field Description Required
Name Name of the API collection, we recommend using kebab-case (for example, my-api). Yes
Agent The Traefik Hub agent where the API collection is reachable. Yes
Prefix You can add a path prefix to the collection name, so the full path becomes like /my-prefix/my-collection. No
Labels Labels are essential for setting up API Access Control for Portals and Gateways, or to group APIs together with API Collections.
The labels you add here will be used for matching to this API collection.
APIs You can select all APIs reachable by the specified agent.
You can choose APIs by name or by API labels.
If you set multiple labels, separate them with a comma.


Fill the form

Fill out the fields

Fill out the form to create a new API collection, once you're done select Create.


In this tutorial, you learned how to create and manage API collections via the UI.

What's next

  • Learn how to manage API collections with CRDs