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Practical tutorials to help you to get started with Traefik Hub.


Before following any tutorial, please make sure you have the following:

Traefik Hub tutorials are organized on different topics or areas of interest.

Installation and configuration

Tutorial Description
User and workspace settings How to configure user and workspace settings

API management

Tutorials related to API management.

User Interface (UI)

How to manage APIs via the UI (User Interface.)

Tutorial Description
User management How to add and delete user and user groups.
Create an API Portal through the UI How to create an API Portal through the UI.
Portal authorization How to grant access to API Portals.
Publish an API through the UI How to publish an API through the UI.
How to manage API collections via the UI How to manage API collections via the UI.

Custom Resource Definition (CRD)

How to manage APIs via CRDs.

Tutorial Description
Portal customization How to create a custom API Portal.
Deploy APIs from CRDs How to publish APIs from CRDs.
API collections via CRDs How to create and manage API collections via CRDs.
External Services How to expose external Services


Tutorial Description
Collect Traefik Hub metrics with Prometheus Gather metrics about your APIs.


Tutorial Description
API requests How to use curl and HTTPIe to send test requests to APIs.