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Traefik Pilot: The Control Center for Traefik


Traefik Pilot is a revolutionary software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that extends the capabilities of Traefik proxies that connect to it.

Pilot provides a powerful observability and control platform for Traefik. Its global control plane brings Traefik instances everywhere together under a single, unified dashboard.

In addition, Pilot works together with Traefik Proxy to activate plugins, a powerful feature that enables Traefik operators to add new, custom functionality.

Global Metrics and Alerts

Traefik Pilot gathers usage metrics and health information sent to it by connected Traefik instances and displays them in its web-based UI. This unified interface gives operators easy access to information about request load and results over time, providing visibility into cloud-native application architectures.


Pilot can also optionally issue notifications when error conditions arise. For example, if a Traefik instance becomes unavailable on the internet, Pilot can raise an alert in a matter of minutes.

What's more, should a security vulnerability be discovered in Traefik or any of its open source components, Traefik Pilot will issue an alert to let operators know it's time to patch.

Advanced Extensibility with Plugins

One of the most important features of Traefik is its support for middlewares: optional components that define and extend its behavior. For example, middlewares can modify requests or headers, issue redirects, add authentication, and so on.

Plugins take this extensibility a step further, by allowing developers to create their own components that act as custom middlewares.

Plugin catalog

Traefik Pilot is the gateway to the Traefik plugin ecosystem. Users can browse the online catalog to find plugins, or they can contribute their own.

Implementing new plugins is a straightforward process that requires no complex toolchains or build procedures.


Traefik Pilot can connect with Traefik v2.3 or later.