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Connecting with Traefik Pilot

Before Traefik can take advantage of the features of Traefik Pilot, they must first be connected. This is a straightforward process that involves only minor changes to Traefik's static configuration.

Network Access

Traefik proxies must have access to the internet to connect to Traefik Pilot. The connection is established via HTTPS on port tcp/443.


Throughout this documentation, we will use a few terms that are specfic to Traefik Pilot:

  • Proxy. A single, running binary of Traefik; for example, Traefik running as a pod in a Kubernetes cluster.

  • Instance. One or more Traefik proxies that are considered by Traefik Pilot to operate as a logical unit.

  • Token. A multi-digit key that identifies a Traefik Pilot instance. A Traefik proxy is connected to an instance when the token is added to its static configuration.

Registering an Instance

To register new Traefik instances and begin working with Traefik Pilot, you first need to create an account on the Traefik Pilot homepage.

Once logged in, you can begin the process of creating a new instance by selecting Register New Traefik Instance.

New Instance

Alternatively, when you launch a new Traefik proxy that has yet to be connected to Traefik Pilot, a bell icon will appear in the Traefik web UI to notify you of this fact. From there, you can choose Connect with Traefik Pilot to navigate to the Traefik Pilot UI.

Not Connected

Installing the Instance Token

To complete the connection, Traefik Pilot will issue a token that identifies the new instance. This token must be added to the static configuration of your Traefik proxy by following the instructions provided.

Sensitive Information

For security reasons, the token is only displayed during the connection process. Be sure to make a note of it before closing the Traefik Pilot UI and store it in a secure place.

Registration Screen

The amount of code to add to the static configuration is minimal. For example (in YAML):

    token: "8e48fc57-fc8a-4c38-9bc9-7dd35ea8fa"
    token = "8e48fc57-fc8a-4c38-9bc9-7dd35ea8fa"

If you would like to connect more than one Traefik proxy to the same Traefik Pilot instance, add the same token to the static configuration of each proxy. When an instance includes more than one proxy, Traefik Pilot can display load and wellness metrics for the entire instance in aggregate.

Restart Required

The connection process will not be complete until each Traefik proxy is restarted. Be careful not to navigate away from the Traefik Pilot UI until you are sure your proxies are connected.

Once the Traefik proxies are connected, you can view them in the Traefik Pilot dashboard UI.

Traefik Pilot Dashboard

If you have multiple Traefik proxies that use the same instance token, you can unfold the list of Traefik proxies and see them under an instance.

Congratulations! You are now ready to begin exploring the features of Traefik Pilot, including metrics, alerts, and plugins.