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How to determine, diagnose, and fix issues that you might encounter when you use Traefik Hub.


Troubleshoot certificate related errors.

The Certificate Is Not Trusted Because It Is Self-Signed

It is possible that you see this error during the initialization of Let's Encrypt certificates.
Once the initialization succeeded and the service uses the new certificate, this error goes away.

If you experience that the message is persistent, please restart your Traefik Hub agent and check your logs for errors.

Not Trusted Certificates

Generating a Let's Encrypt certificate for new domains requires more time than exposing the service.
It might end in a window where the service is available with the wrong certificate.

During this time, Traefik Hub serves a self-signed certificate.


Users Are Not Shown in the Dashboard

The user overview dashboard will not list automatically all users after synchronization.
Users will be only listed after a first successful login into Traefik Hub.

Connectivity Errors


When a Traefik Hub agent is facing connectivity issues, the dashboard will display a warning icon with the tooltip Agent is offline.




API Overview Page



What Is GitOps?

GitOps for API management leverages version-controlled repositories and declarative configuration stored in Git to automate and streamline the continuous delivery of APIs.

To get started, follow our tutorial about how to deploy a Kubernetes cluster locally with Flux and observability components.

ArgoCD Has OutOfSync Issues

When using Argo CD, you must set the application.instanceLabelKey value in the argocd-cm to instead of

This helps avoid OutOfSync issues with Traefik Hub resources, as Traefik Hub also use the same label with the Hub Helm install.

See the Argo CD FAQ for more information.


How to Set Up a Grafana Dashboard?

You can use Traefik Hub's pre-made dashboards to get started.