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Welcome to Traefik Hub

Traefik Hub makes it easy to instantly publish and secure containers at the edge, at scale. The integrated and automated solution enables experts and non-experts alike to quickly expose microservices with modern access control, such as OpenID Connect (OIDC).

Traefik Hub is a SaaS network control plane with an open source agent you install in your Kubernetes or Docker Environment to extend your existing Traefik or Nginx ingresses.



Traefik Hub comes with multiple capabilities:

Service Publication

Get secured public access to containers quickly and easily.

The Traefik Hub open source agent automatically discovers services, lets you choose the ones you wish to publish, select a port (or let Traefik Hub auto-detect it), Access Control Policy (if you wish to), then establish a direct WebSocket-based tunnel from anywhere on the internet directly to the chosen services.

Your services can now be accessed from anywhere with a default or custom domain name. No more manual configuration of DNS (Domain Name System), routing rules, access control, and NAT (Network Address Translation).

Services Security

Traefik Hub comes with an array of easy-to-use security-related capabilities without changing your tech stack or redeploying your services:

  • Accelerate modern access control deployment, such as OIDC, for your Traefik or Nginx Community Edition deployments to control who can access your services. These Access Control Policies can be added to both services published through our tunnels or not.
  • Minimize attacks on exposed containers using Traefik Hub's secured direct connections.
  • Automate HTTPs certificate management with our deep Let's Encrypt TLS lifecycle integration.

Easier Collaboration

Traefik Hub comes with shared workspaces and advanced Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

Automation with GitOps support

Traefik Hub enables full GitOps automation, teams can install, configure, and manage their cloud native networking stack with Hub acting as the control plane. Full automation delivers repeatable cycles to increase the deployment frequency, predictability, and auditability to ensure you can identify what, when, and why changes were made and collect evidence for post-mortems.


Traefik Hub offers two plans:

  • Freemium: perfect for homelab tinkerers and non-production use.

  • Custom: for production use.

You can find more information on the on the pricing page.


Traefik Hub Freemium tier support is delivered via the forum.