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Traefik Hub Documentation

Traefik Hub is a Kubernetes-native API Management solution which configuration is fully driven by K8s CRDs, whether API definition, their grouping or security.

Traefik Hub provides a centralized platform for managing, routing, monitoring, and securing APIs.

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Control Plane

  • Access Control (OIDC, JWT), Rate limiting, and Certificate management
  • OpenTelemetry support
  • Plug-ins support (Go-based)

API Portal

  • Portal RBAC (role-based access control)
  • OpenAPI Specifications (OAS) 3 support
  • Customizable API Developer Portals

100% GitOps support

  • All-in-one Ingress + API Gateway + API Management
  • Supports third-party Ingress controllers like NGINX
  • Manage with Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs)