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Workspace Settings

This page explains how to configure and use workspaces in Traefik Hub.


A workspace in Traefik Hub is the initial workspace created during your account initialization, serving as the primary environment for managing Agents, APIs and related entities.

You can invite other Traefik Hub member to your workspace, or switch to other workspaces you have access to.

To adjust the settings, select the User icon on the top left in the Hub dashboard.

User icon

Workspace Settings

NameThe name of your workspace.Your display name in Traefik Hub.
Disable tunnelingIf turned off, Traefik Hub will not generate domains under the namespace for API Gateways and Portals.Turned on

Here, you can adjust the name of your workspace, tunneling and manage workspace member and track your quotas.

API Management member Group Overview


Check and track your quotas to get an overview of your license.


Switch Workspace

If you are member of another workspace, you can effortless switch workspaces by selecting Switch Workspace.

Switch Workspace

Now select a workspace from the list, and you will change into the other workspace environment.

Leave Workspace

If you want to leave a workspace, select the three dots next to your username and select Leave workspace

Leave workspace