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Accounts for the Traefik Hub Dashboard are separated accounts and not connected to API user or API consumer credentials.

You can only invite member which have already a Traefik Hub account.

The API Manager uses the Traefik Hub Dashboard to administrate workspaces, APIs, user and group management:

Workspace Roles

Workspace roles are predefined according to varying access needs.
You can assign roles to members when you invite them to your workspace.

Workspace roles:

  • Viewer: Can view all resources in a workspace
  • Editor: In addition to the Viewer permissions, an Editor can manage resources. Editors can adjust, add and delete resources in a workspace
  • Admin: In addition to the Editor role, an Admin can manage members of a workspace. You can have multiple Admins for a workspace

Permissions Overview

Read resources
Edit resources
Manage workspace

Account Management

Add New Member

Here you can add other member to your workspace.
To add a new member, select Add member.

Workspace member.

In the next step, choose the role you want to assign, add it to the e-mail address of the user you want to invite and select Proceed invites.

Add a workspace member.


In the following example invites the member Jane Flour with the Editor role to a workspace.

Example of inviting a member.

After the member accepted the invitation, the member will show up as a workspace member.

You assign roles to members when you invite them to your workspace.

If you want to change the role of a member, for example from Admin to Editor, select the three dots next to the member name and choose Change role.

Change workspace role.

Choose the Editor role from the drop-down and select Save.

Choose Editor role and save.

Now the new role is applied to the workspace member.

New workspace.

Remove Member

If you want to remove a workspace member, select the three dots next to the membername and choose Remove from the workspace.

Remove workspace member.