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Migrating to Traefik Enterprise v2

Traefik Enterprise v2 introduces a number of breaking changes, mostly related to the upgrade of Traefik Proxy. For more information about the changes in Traefik Proxy, please refer the migration guide.

ACME Migration

To ease the migration of ACME resources from a Traefik Enterprise v1 cluster to a Traefik Enterprise v2 cluster, a simple migration tool is available. The migration tool will transform a v1 backup with ACME resources into a v2 backup archive that can then be restored using teectl.

First, download the migration tool using one of the following links:

Migration Process

Start by creating a backup of the Traefik Enterprise v1 cluster:

traefikeectl backup
Successfully generated backup archive at: 2020-01-12T174230_traefikee-backup.tar

Then, use the migration tool to transform this backup archive into v2 format:

traefikee-backup-migration --archive=2020-01-12T174230_traefikee-backup.tar
Found 2 ACME accounts:
    letsencrypt with 55 certificates
    letsencrypt-prod with 55 certificates

Generating a new v2 backup archive with this information (`./backup-v2.tar`).
Generating a new partial v2 static configuration file (`./partial-static-conf.yaml`).
Edit it or add it to an existing static configuration file.


The migration tool also accepts .zip backup archives.


The migration tool also generates a partial v2 static configuration containing the certificates resolvers that are generated from the v1 backup archive.

Finally, proceed with the v2 backup restoration:

teectl restore --backup=./backup-v2.tar
Running cluster restore...ok
✔ Successfully restored from previous backup /path/to/backup-v2.tar