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Uninstall Traefik Enterprise


Kubernetes objects created by Traefik Enterprise have a release label containing the cluster name. This label can be used to uninstall Traefik Enterprise from a Kubernetes cluster without having to remove the entire namespace:

kubectl delete -n "${NAMESPACE}" all,secrets,pvc -l release="${CLUSTER_NAME}"


This will not cleanup user-created objects such as Middleware and IngressRoute.

Docker Swarm

For a cluster installed on Docker Swarm, Traefik Enterprise can be uninstalled using the following commands:

docker stack rm "${STACK_NAME}"
docker config rm "${CLUSTER_NAME}-controller" "${CLUSTER_NAME}-proxy"

Then, remove Traefik Enterprise volumes on each node:

docker volume rm $(docker volume ls --filter="label=com.docker.stack.namespace=${STACK_NAME}" -q)

Where STACK_NAME is the name of the docker stack chosen when running docker stack deploy and CLUSTER_NAME is the name of the Traefik Enterprise cluster.


Networks will be removed only if there are no services using them.


To uninstall a Traefik Enterprise cluster follow these steps on each host/VM:

  • Stop all traefikee processes running on the host
  • Remove the cluster state, runtime data and secrets:
rm -rf /var/run/traefikee/
rm -rf /var/lib/traefikee/
rm -f /var/secrets/controller
rm -f /var/secrets/proxy
  • Remove the binary (optional)
rm -f $(which traefikee)