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Features Are Better When You Know How to Use Them

You've found something unclear in the documentation and want to give a try at explaining it better? Let's see how.

Building Documentation


This documentation is built with MkDocs.

Method 1: Docker and make

Please make sure you have the following requirements installed:

You can build the documentation and test it locally (with live reloading), using the docs-serve target:

$ make docs-serve
docker build -t traefik-docs -f docs.Dockerfile .
# […]
docker run  --rm -v /home/user/go/github/traefik/traefik:/mkdocs -p 8000:8000 traefik-docs mkdocs serve
# […]
[I 170828 20:47:48 server:283] Serving on
[I 170828 20:47:48 handlers:60] Start watching changes
[I 170828 20:47:48 handlers:62] Start detecting changes

Default URL

Your local documentation server will run by default on

If you only want to build the documentation without serving it locally, you can use the following command:

$ make docs-build

Method 2: MkDocs

Please make sure you have the following requirements installed:

$ python --version
Python 2.7.2
$ pip --version
pip 1.5.2

Then, install MkDocs with pip.

pip install --user -r requirements.txt

To build the documentation locally and serve it locally, run mkdocs serve from the root directory. This will start a local server.

$ mkdocs serve
INFO    -  Building documentation...
INFO    -  Cleaning site directory
[I 160505 22:31:24 server:281] Serving on
[I 160505 22:31:24 handlers:59] Start watching changes
[I 160505 22:31:24 handlers:61] Start detecting changes

Check the Documentation

To check that the documentation meets standard expectations (no dead links, html markup validity, ...), use the docs-verify target.

$ make docs-verify
docker build -t traefik-docs-verify ./script/docs-verify-docker-image ## Build Validator image
docker run --rm -v /home/travis/build/traefik/traefik:/app traefik-docs-verify ## Check for dead links and w3c compliance
=== Checking HTML content...
Running ["HtmlCheck", "ImageCheck", "ScriptCheck", "LinkCheck"] on /app/site/basics/index.html on *.html...

Clean & Verify

If you've made changes to the documentation, it's safer to clean it before verifying it.

$ make docs

Will perform all necessary steps for you.

Disabling Documentation Verification

Verification can be disabled by setting the environment variable DOCS_VERIFY_SKIP to true:

DOCS_VERIFY_SKIP=true make docs-verify
DOCS_LINT_SKIP is true: no linting done.