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Traefik supports HTTPS & TLS, which concerns roughly two parts of the configuration: routers, and the TLS connection (and its underlying certificates).

When a router has to handle HTTPS traffic, it should be specified with a tls field of the router definition. See the TLS section of the routers documentation.

The next sections of this documentation explain how to configure the TLS connection itself. That is to say, how to obtain TLS certificates: either through a definition in the dynamic configuration, or through Let's Encrypt (ACME). And how to configure TLS options, and certificates stores.

Using Traefik for Business Applications?

If you are using Traefik for commercial applications, consider the Enterprise Edition. You can use it as your:

Traefik Enterprise enables centralized access management, distributed Let's Encrypt, and other advanced capabilities. Learn more in this 15-minute technical walkthrough.