The team

Issue Triage

Issues and PRs are triaged daily and the process for triaging may be found under triaging issues in our contributors guide repository.

PR review process:

The process for reviewing PRs may be found under review guidelines in our contributors guide repository.


A maintainer that looks at an issue/PR must define its kind/*, area/*, and status/*.

Status - Workflow

The status/* labels represent the desired state in the workflow.

  • status/0-needs-triage: all the new issues and PRs have this status. [bot only]
  • status/1-needs-design-review: needs a design review. (only for PR)
  • status/2-needs-review: needs a code/documentation review. (only for PR)
  • status/3-needs-merge: ready to merge. (only for PR)
  • status/4-merge-in-progress: merge is in progress. [bot only]


  • contributor/need-more-information: we need more information from the contributor in order to analyze a problem.
  • contributor/waiting-for-feedback: we need the contributor to give us feedback.
  • contributor/waiting-for-corrections: we need the contributor to take actions in order to move forward with a PR. (only for PR) [bot, humans]
  • contributor/needs-resolve-conflicts: use it only when there is some conflicts (and an automatic rebase is not possible). (only for PR) [bot, humans]


  • kind/enhancement: a new or improved feature.
  • kind/question: a question. (only for issue)
  • kind/proposal: a proposal that needs to be discussed.

    • Proposal issues are design proposals
    • Proposal PRs are technical prototypes that need to be refined with multiple contributors.
  • kind/bug/possible: a possible bug that needs analysis before it is confirmed or fixed. (only for issues)

  • kind/bug/confirmed: a confirmed bug (reproducible). (only for issues)
  • kind/bug/fix: a bug fix. (only for PR)


  • resolution/duplicate: a duplicate issue/PR.
  • resolution/declined: declined (Rule #1 of open-source: no is temporary, yes is forever).
  • WIP: Work In Progress. (only for PR)


  • platform/windows: Windows related.


  • area/acme: ACME related.
  • area/api: Traefik API related.
  • area/authentication: Authentication related.
  • area/cluster: Traefik clustering related.
  • area/documentation: Documentation related.
  • area/infrastructure: CI or Traefik building scripts related.
  • area/healthcheck: Health-check related.
  • area/logs: Logs related.
  • area/middleware: Middleware related.
  • area/middleware/metrics: Metrics related. (Prometheus, StatsD, ...)
  • area/middleware/tracing: Tracing related. (Jaeger, Zipkin, ...)
  • area/oxy: Oxy related.
  • area/provider: related to all providers.
  • area/provider/boltdb: Boltd DB related.
  • area/provider/consul: Consul related.
  • area/provider/docker: Docker and Swarm related.
  • area/provider/ecs: ECS related.
  • area/provider/etcd: Etcd related.
  • area/provider/eureka: Eureka related.
  • area/provider/file: file provider related.
  • area/provider/k8s: Kubernetes related.
  • area/provider/kv: KV related.
  • area/provider/marathon: Marathon related.
  • area/provider/mesos: Mesos related.
  • area/provider/rancher: Rancher related.
  • area/provider/servicefabric: Azure service fabric related.
  • area/provider/zk: Zoo Keeper related.
  • area/rules: Rules related.
  • area/server: Server related.
  • area/sticky-session: Sticky session related.
  • area/tls: TLS related.
  • area/websocket: WebSocket related.
  • area/webui: Web UI related.

Issues Priority

  • priority/P0: needs hot fix.
  • priority/P1: need to be fixed in next release.
  • priority/P2: need to be fixed in the future.
  • priority/P3: maybe.

PR size

Automatically set by a bot.

  • size/S: small PR.
  • size/M: medium PR.
  • size/L: Large PR.