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Below is a non-exhaustive list of versions and their maintenance status:

Version Release Date Active Support Security Support
2.9 Oct 03, 2022 Yes Yes
2.8 Jun 29, 2022 Ended Oct 03, 2022 No
2.7 May 24, 2022 Ended Jun 29, 2022 No
2.6 Jan 24, 2022 Ended May 24, 2022 No
2.5 Aug 17, 2021 Ended Jan 24, 2022 No
2.4 Jan 19, 2021 Ended Aug 17, 2021 No
2.3 Sep 23, 2020 Ended Jan 19, 2021 No
2.2 Mar 25, 2020 Ended Sep 23, 2020 No
2.1 Dec 11, 2019 Ended Mar 25, 2020 No
2.0 Sep 16, 2019 Ended Dec 11, 2019 No
1.7 Sep 24, 2018 Ended Dec 31, 2021 Contact Support
Active Support / Security Support

Active support: receives any bug fixes. Security support: receives only critical bug and security fixes.

This page is maintained and updated periodically to reflect our roadmap and any decisions affecting the end of support for Traefik Proxy.

Please refer to our migration guides for specific instructions on upgrading between versions, an example is the v1 to v2 migration guide.

All target dates for end of support or feature removal announcements may be subject to change.

Versioning Scheme

The Traefik Proxy project follows the semantic versioning scheme and maintains a separate branch for each minor version. The main branch always represents the next upcoming minor or major version.

And these are our guiding rules for version support:

  • Only the latest minor will be on active support at any given time
  • The last minor after releasing a new major will be supported for 1 year following the major release
  • Previous rules are subject to change and in such cases an announcement will be made publicly, here is an example extending v1.x branch support.