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API Collections

Group APIs into collections.


An API collection refers to a group or set of APIs that are organized and grouped together for a specific purpose. It's a convenient way to manage and document multiple APIs within a project, platform, organization, or organizational unit.


An API can be part of multiple collections.

Collections leverage labels and selectors to group APIs together. Later, you can reuse collections and apply rate limit, or access directly to these collections.

Overall, an API collection serves as a comprehensive resource for developers, offering a consolidated view of available APIs and facilitating their integration into software applications.

When creating a collection, you are also adding a prefix to the APIs.


In the Developer Portal, collections will appear in a subdirectory with the name of the collection.

Managing Collections Using CRDs

Collections Properties

pathPrefixPathPrefix used by the collection, for example /crm.
The PathPrefix will append the URL of the API Gateway.
This would make the API collection accessible under
Only absolute paths are accepted for this setting.
The path must start with a slash / and can have a maximum length of 255 characters.
apis.nameSelect APIs based on names.
You can combine it with apiSelector.matchLabels and apiSelector.matchExpressions.
See Labels and Selectors. You can select up to 100 APIs.
apis.namespaceName of the Kubernetes Namespace used by the API(s) defined in This is required for
Limited to 63 characters.
apiSelector.matchLabelsSelect APIs based on label matching: Equality-Based Requirements.No
apiSelector.matchExpressionsSelect APIs based on advanced labels expressions: Set-Based Requirements.No


Using API Names to create a collection
kind: APICollection
name: crm-all
module: crm
pathPrefix: "/crm" # The PathPrefix will append the URL of the API Gateway
- name: customer-api # Select APIs based on their name
namespace: apps # Name of the Kubernetes Namespace used by the API(s)
- name: ticket-api
namespace: apps